“A website for anyone who ever thinks about
writing and speaking clearly …”

This is a story about learning to write and speak. At school, I hated both. Every essay, every comprehension and every presentation to the class was a struggle. Looking back, I think my teachers must have dreaded reading what I wrote (and hearing what I presented) every bit as much as I hated writing (and delivering) it. But, eventually, I learned. And I’m confident everyone can.

Writing and speaking are now central to my work and my life. The transition started for me when I was in a job that entailed drafting reports that needed to be exceptionally clear and very precise. That was a tough combination. But I quickly learned that it wasn’t enough. My reports needed to be persuasive as well. For most people, being “dead-on-balls accurate” () isn’t usually necessary or even valued. But being persuasive is.

This website will appeal to anyone who wants to read about making a point clearly and persuasively … in print, on a web page or when speaking … perhaps in business, to a business or nothing at all to do with business … writing to someone important or about something you consider important … in an email, a letter, a blog or on a social network … in a sales message, a job application, or just trying to get noticed in a crowd … with humour or with complete seriousness.

“… it’s also a website that aims to be fun”

I had a lot of fun creating this site and I’ve done my level best to ensure that you have even more fun reading it. The site is punctuated with videos that reinforce the narrative. Video input includes material from Jerry Seinfeld, Greta Thunberg, Rachel from Friends, Tony Blair and a dance coach who prised his way onto these pages through the sheer force of his personality.

Whenever you see a link on this website, followed by this video-play icon (), the link should open up a video box within the existing browser window.

You can choose from several routes through this website. Most obviously, you can start at the beginning and make your way sequentially through the Storyline (), just like reading a book. Also, in the right-hand margin, there are themes () you can select from and a range of keys words () you can click on. So let’s get started …

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