A place for subtext and subtlety

It’s uncomfortable for me to admit, but there was a time when my writing lacked any trace of subtlety or nuance. My work placed a high premium on output that was both literal and precise; and I failed for a while to write in any other style. But once the constraints were relaxed, I became a zealot for the alternatives. I started to explore different writing styles and voices. It was a real treat. Read more

Public speaking (Part 3): Encapsulate

Ideally, you will finish on something which reflects the essence of your talk, so that the audience regards the presentation as complete. You will signal your ending clearly, so that the audience knows it’s time for them to show their appreciation. And you will leave them wanting more. Read more

Writing an article

One of the great joys I have obtained from writing articles over so many years is the opportunity it gives me to vary my style (or my “voice”) according to the outlet I am writing for. When I started article-writing in earnest, my day job demanded that I communicate with clients in the formal style beloved of my employers. So the chance to be “me” – and to explore who I might be – generated a wonderful sense of freedom. Read more